Coco Rebel Squad

Coco Rebel Squad 1.0

Coco is assisted by the "Patriot Squad" who have been in charge of protecting "Gold Tuna" from anyone's threats. "Gold tuna" is a fixed price for Tuna City. "Patriot squad" led by "OxMun" is a collection of super teams of police, samurai and soldiers. They had already smelled the threat coming from the small islands around Tuna City. "Don Japetos" is the leader of all the crime untouchable and undetected.
Being protect by terrorists, mafia and yakuza tribes. Initially all these tribes attacked each other and never reconciled, until "Don japetos" came and reconciled them all and convinced them to fight the "Patriot Squad". "Gangster Squad" has a strong desire to be able to overwhelmed the HOOMANS. Seize all the "Gold Tuna" and get rid of the "Patriot Squad". "Patriot Squad" led by "0xMun" did not remain silent, he contacted his old colleague "SM*Evil" who is the leader of the "Knight Tribes" who are fighting together in the national guard to fight together to defend Tuna City. War is coming, be prepared.
Family Tree
Coco is a cat who may be said to be innocent. He lived on the island of Tuna, until one day the situation changed. A group of cats attacked the island which called itself the "Gangster Squad" consisting of: terrorists, mafia and yakuza. And Coco was helped by his friends who called himself "Patriot Squad". Which consists of: police, soldiers and samurai.The only thing they are fighting for is "Gold Tuna" which is said to be able to give superpowers that can overwhelm all hooman!!!!
Tuna Island Divided into one main island surrounded by 8 islands that surround it. A very beautiful island with most of the houses or buildings facing the beach which makes Tuna island a tourist destination for cats and cats to relax. We start with Tuna city, the city that is the center of everything trade and activities of the people of Tuna island. Important buildings such as government, Tuna bank, pawn schools, military centers for the army, navy and air force as well as the national guard.
That is where the police tribes and army tribes are located and the Knight tribes which are only separated by a small river. In the south there is a small island that produces bamboo where there are Samurai Tribes who have always adhered to the culture of being loyal and brave cats.In the east there is the Mafia Tribes which is famous for its family above all. The liquor and drug business is the biggest source for them.
In the southeast are the Yakuza Tribes where loyalty to the clan is number one, gambling and prostitution are controlled by them and neighboring to the Demon Tribes where the place is for the cursed and people outcast. There is no wheel of life there, only the cave where the demon lord and his men lived.At the north end there are Terrorist Tribes whose ideology and government foundation refers to one belief, namely the great cat. They live a simple life by farming and raising cattle, horses, chickens and others. But their illicit business is selling marijuana, it is said that there is a marijuana plantation that hidden and biggest in the cat world.In the northeast there is an island that no cat is allowed to step on, called the Island of no fur. That's the layout of Tuna Island.
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